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Sam Aston was a young engineer. He worked in a privately owned maintenance company, separate from the Alliance owned resources on his L2- V08744 colony. He made pretty good pay for his job, and he was satisfied with himself and his accomplishments. The way he saw it, he was supporting his colony and his people every day, and he was happy and proud mostly due to the message of Heero Yuy and King Peacecraft, who were both killed three years before.

To Sam, Heero Yuy represented a relatable everyman of peace, like Martin Luthor King Jr from the history books. He was simply that big here in the colonies, spreading hope and a message of compassion throughout the colonies. He remembered the day he heard about the deaths, working on a new water filtration system for the colony in his internship. He remembered how soul crushing it felt to know that such a great man had been lost to history. So he lived his life. It had its own share of stress and woe as any colonist had, but he at least tried to have some fun, share a laugh with a good friend over a pint or two.

That was tonight. Tonight was an annual bar crawl event that he’d been doing since his college days and it never stopped being fun. Even some of the Alliance boys tried to get on in the fun, allowing a certain amount of discrepancy among their ranks, and lowering their strict adherence to the rules for the night. Sure, they got dirty looks and many didn’t think they had the right to be here, but they were there, and most simply ignored them, Sam included. He and Mark took to Red Raven Pub and took seats at the bar, almost instantly, Sam turned his head to the stage off to the side where a portly older man sang poorly to an Elvis Presley song.

“They’re doing Karaoke tonight?” Sam scoffed a laugh, watching the old man go on about hound dogs. “That’s amazing.”

“You would say that.” Mark rolled his eyes. “You’re the only one at the plant with a bearable singing voice.”

“I believe we have a flatterer in our midst.” Sam said in that gravely tenor of his. He could have easily been the lead singer in a college band, if he weren’t so caught up in the practical applications of his crafts, thanks in due part to being in the choir as a child. He was a tinkerer, not an artist. “You want me to liven this place up, just let me know.”

“Spare me. If you want to impress me, go try your luck with a chick for once.” He laughs mirthlessly. “You’re a hopeless romance, but the girls around here don’t really go for that bullshit anymore.”

“Sure about that? I’ll make you eat those words. But consider the gauntlet thrown.” He raised a hand to his chin, scratching his scruffy beard and cast his eyes around the room. Picking someone at random? Zero tact, no possibility of a lasting relationship so what’s the point? He socialized to make friends, not love em’ and leave em’. The regular music came back on until another contender took to the mic, so Sam moved off towards the other side of the bar, shoving his hands into the pockets of his worksuit. He looked like a dime a dozen in this place, with nearly everyone from his quarter coming down off from work tonight. There were some alliance flakes in the corner on their lonesome, and for that matter, mostly men. He caught the eyes of a cluster of tables filled with women. Target acquired.

Sam had played wingman for Mark plenty of times before, helping him score a little action in his otherwise loathsome existence-

Shouldn't I leave the itnernets forevers?
And tend to my garden as a more lucrative hobby?

It's insanely tiresome to have to put up with the RP scene on Livejournal. The passive aggressiveness, the faux politeness of those who merely tolerate you if your personalities clash or somewhat?

I don't know if it's an elitist standard or that I simply cannot socialize at a level deemed suitable by the mass majority of the LJ community. I don't type or RP horribly, and I may not play the end all be all best of any of my characters but what gets me is that somehow I'm wrong because I do things differently.

I feel like I'm the scum of my fandom, mostly because of how I am treated. That is, nobody in the fandom really talks to me OR rps with me. It's frustrating. It's not like I have an ego, and yeah, I say some idiotic shit sometimes but it's not for lack of trying to please.

And I'm sick of feeling like I have to please someone. I really am. I think that's why people leave Livejournal because there's so much pressure behind it. It's probably one of the many reasons my friend doesn't even go near it, and right now? I don't blame her.

I dunno. Maybe they're justified in what these people do. Cutting ties with me or holding back the truth, making me feel insecure enough to vent about it in Livejournal like an Emo 13 year old...

I hate it when people beat around the bush. I really do. But I'm amenable. Compassionate even. Telling me the truth isn't going to kill me. It might make me upset and angry and I might even brood for a while. But I'll get over it.

I'd rather you be honest than spare my feelings.

After all, the only way to improve your perspective is to be proven wrong. That's how critique works in all areas. Art, science, life.

A story about money
Money. Paper money, coin money, credit money that you need to pay off with digital money representing your percapita income.

Whatever. We all know what money is.

I find paper money interesting sometimes, especially when you find something peculiar written or scribbled on the face.

Lion Cash for instance.

I'll admit to contributing to operation lioncash, and I've only ever seen one lion cash five in a register at work, but it's always interesting to see what people will write on their money.

One twenty I got from a cash machine had a phone number on it for California. Using skype-out (which is relatively untraceable) I attempted to call that individual to tell him that I received the note. No luck, the number didn't exist anymore. Too bad.

Today I received a dollar that said: For your third tooth. I wish I paid attention to who gave that to me if it was one of my customers but all I can do is imagine who had it.

The real question was, when did that happen? Was it within the last ten years? Probably.

And what about the story about the phone number? Who wrote that number and why?

Seems like an interesting story to me. I guess I'm just folkey in a way.

Finally, today I received a counterfeit $5. It was obviously fake because of how intense the colors were. On real bills the colors are subtle. The problem with fakes are is that they print on one dollar bills from scans of the higher bills so the colors are much more vivid than they are on real monies. This one in particular had been printed backwards, with one side facing up and the other upside down.

I happen to think it's fair to say that counterfeiters are not very artistic, or trained graphic designers in any way or form. I have limited design skills but even I could figure out a way to counterfeit a five, ten, or even twenty dollar bill without falling into that problem.

Although I'm pretty sure talking about it in a public forum would be frowned upon even on a personal journal. I'm responsible enough not to put instructions for that sort of thing that can be found in a google search. Oh well.

PM me if you really want to know.

I should use this more often...
What should I blog about? Try to justify my idiocy some how? I know I'm an idiot, I think I make that pretty clear.

At least I can admit to it. We all know what's worse, having a guy who has no idea how stupid he is, kind of like Lumpy from Happy Tree Friends. I'm the kind of social stupid that has no idea how to socialize with people. It doesn't help that I'm an outspoken weirdo which apparently, in my experience, is a turn off for some reason or another. I don't like being snubbed away, which is the reaction I typically get. Silence. Dead silence.

My response to that is, "If you have a problem with me, please tell me so I can make an attempt to correct it." I've come to believe in a few principles and I'm trying to take a less... assertive approach to talking people. It's my bold abrasive personality that gets me into trouble. (Just last week my assertiveness got me bit by a dog that I was attempting to take outside for his owners who were off in South Dakota.) So yeah.

Oh. Hey. You know... there's always the chance I'm just an idiotic asshole.

Why am I down on myself again? For my amusement. Told you I was an asshole.

Aside from my morose self commentary I'd like to share a few frappachino options I was introduced to by some friends who work at Starbucks when I was on break at my work.

They can make an Oreo cookie frappachino by making a double chocolate chip, but instead of mocha, using white chocolate flavor instead.

The other is a mint green tea chocolate chip thing, and I think it's similar to the double chocolate chip but it doesn't have any mocha in it. I think the green tea actually gives it a much richer tasty and tasty it is. Very much so. Nummy.

I usually just get a chai though. Fraps are fucking expensive.

Finally, political activism of the day. I called the White House and left a message for Obama. Told him to keep his promise in protecting Net neutrality in light of the recent talk of Google and Verizon fucking things up. here's the link to the petition.

Doubt Obama will do anything about it.

Concrit post.
Concrit/How's my driving?

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